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What are the components of the anticorrosive coating for fireproof glass windows made of steel?

2019-09-20 15:38:08

  The basic components of common anticorrosive coatings for fireproof glass windows made of steel include:

  (1) Film-forming base material for steel fireproof glass windows. It is mainly composed of resin or oil, which is the primary substance to make the coating firm and adhere to the surface of the coating to form a dense and continuous film. It is the basis of the coating and determines the basic characteristics of the coating.

  (2) Dispersive medium for steel fireproof glass windows. Refers to organic solvents or water, the primary effect is to make the film-forming base material loose and form a viscous liquid. Generally, the mixture of film-forming base material and dispersing medium is called paint.

  (3) Pigments and fillers for steel fireproof glass windows. Steel fireproof glass windows are mainly colored pigments, rust-proof pigments and physical fillers. They can not form coatings themselves, but can improve the function of coatings, enhance the maintenance, decoration and rust-proof effect of coatings, and also reduce the cost of coatings.

  (4) Auxiliaries for fireproof glass windows made of steel. It refers to drier, leveling agent, curing agent, anti-scaling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, wetting agent, etc. Steel fireproof glass window additives are rarely used in coatings, but they have remarkable effects on the construction function, storage property and physical function of coatings.

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