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What are the main materials used in making fireproof glass windows?

2019-09-20 15:40:07

  The information about the main application of fireproof glass window manufacturing is highly demanded in order to achieve the function of fireproof. Requirements for the use of major manufacturing materials and related accessories are as follows:

  1. Galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet can be used for steel structure and pressing bars of fireproof glass window hardware.

  2. Inflammability data should be selected for filling materials in steel and wood structures.

  3. Fire-proof glass window hardware hoist: It must have the function of temperature-sensitive release window fan.

  4. The hardware fittings used in fire-proof glass windows should be qualified stereotyped matching products.

  5. The sealing material between the structure and the fire-proof glass should choose the non-flammable material, which can prevent fire and smoke during the fire.

  6. Fire-proof glass in hardware of fire-proof glass window can choose products which can not affect the fire-proof performance of fire-proof glass window. The transmittance of glass is not less than 75% of that of flat glass with the same number of layers.

  7. The window frame structure of fire-proof glass window hardware should be steel or wood structure with certain strength to ensure the integrity and stability of components.

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