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What are the types of single fireproof glass at home and abroad?

2019-09-20 15:41:45

  Fire-proof glass is divided into monolithic fire-proof glass and composite fire-proof glass. Monolithic fireproof glass is a special glass consisting of a single layer of glass, which satisfies the requirements of the corresponding fireproof grade. In the meantime, Class 0 fire-proof glass is fire-proof glass which satisfies the requirements of fire-proof integrity. At present, there are two main types of monolithic fireproof glass at home and abroad:

  1. Borosilicate glass: The glass contains high content of boron oxide and alumina, which greatly reduces the thermal expansion coefficient of the glass, and then can accept the rapid heat and cooling, which has the function of fire prevention. The defect is that the melting and forming of borosilicate glass, especially the drawing of flat glass used in construction, has disorderly process, high cost and low yield. So borosilicate glass is mostly used to make special-shaped glass products such as chemical instrument glass, heat-resistant utensils and so on.

  2. High Strength Toughened Glass: Because glass is a brittle glass, it can not resist compression and tension. It often improves the strength of glass by toughening flat glass, so that glass can accept the thermal stress caused by rapid heat (or rapid cooling), and then has the function of fire prevention. Generally toughened glass has certain fireproof function, but it can not be used as fireproof glass. The main reason is that its external compressive stress is not high enough and its strength is not high enough. Only toughened glass with high strength can be used as fireproof glass.

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