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Monolithic Non-insulated Fire-proof Glass Technology

2019-09-20 15:44:32

  This technology touches upon the manufacturing method and ion additive of a single piece of fireproof glass with high strength and long fireproof life. It is characterized by implanting ions with low thermal expansion coefficient into general float glass in the form of monomer and catalyzing reaction at high temperature for a short time, so that ions with high thermal expansion coefficient can be separated at high temperature.

  A series of ions with low thermal expansion coefficients are combined with the original composition of glass to form a stable microcrystalline molecular group at high temperature, which not only improves the thermal expansion coefficient of flat glass, but also enhances the comprehensive refractory function of flat glass. The transmittance also improves the service life of refractories.

  The exterior pressure of the product should be no less than 145 MPa, no more than 175 MPa, and the refractory service life should be no less than 15 years, which overcomes the shortcomings of high processing cost of common fire-proof glass and short refractory life under the long-term effect of ultraviolet radiation, low requirements for simple operation, low reverberation time, generally only 1-2 hours and low cost. It is suitable for large-scale production. The implanted ions have the highest chemical activity at elevated temperatures, so that ions with high thermal expansion coefficient can be separated from the glass and metal salt ions can combine with the original ionic groups in the glass freely and organically under the effect of targeted ion chelating agent to form more stable ionic groups.

  Then the overall function of the glass is changed, and the titanium dioxide formed by the reaction has a strong absorption ability to ultraviolet rays, which can improve the service life of building exterior wall fireproof glass under long-time sunlight. The thermal expansion coefficient of silver sulfate and lithium aluminium silica molecular groups is very low, and can keep stable for 8 hours at 920 C. Monolithic high strength fire retardant glass additives are attributed to national patented technical products.

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